A Pact

Ezra Pound

[googly text]

I’ve got military power with you, Walt Whitman –
I really hate it.
I came to you
Who was the pig?
I’m good enough to be friends.
You broke the new board
Now it’s time to dump her and move on.
We have juice and roots.
Let’s do something.

[original text]

I make truce with you, Walt Whitman—
I have detested you long enough.
I come to you as a grown child
Who has had a pig-headed father;
I am old enough now to make friends.
It was you that broke the new wood,
Now is a time for carving.
We have one sap and one root—
Let there be commerce between us.

Translation steps: English > German > Samoan > Basque > Swahili > Turkmen > English
The original text of this poem is in the public domain.