New article in the University of Toronto Quarterly

“Beyond the Temple and the Cave: William James, E.J. Pratt, and Christian-Spiritualist Syncretisms.” University of Toronto Quarterly 86.4 (2017): 1-26.

I am happy to announce that my article on James, Pratt, religious syncretism, and personal religions in Canadian poetry has now been published. If you belong to an institution that subscribes to the University of Toronto Quarterly, you may …

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Canadian Modernist Magazines Project

Canadian Modernist Magazines Project

The Canadian Modernist Magazines Project (CMMP) is a digital repository of modernist periodical literature published in Canada (ca. 1900-1960). Led by Principal Investigator Dr. Graham Jensen, the project’s primary aim is to digitize and transcribe a selection of Canadian literary “little magazines” so that they can be read, searched, downloaded, analyzed, and taught. As a repository of Canadian modernist periodicals, …

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William James in a seance, sometime before 1910


Canadian Modernist Poetry and the Rise of Personal Religions

Recipient of 2018 Dalhousie Doctoral Thesis Award and the Malcolm Ross Thesis Award; nominated for Canadian Association for Graduate Studies/ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award (results pending).

My dissertation, “Canadian Modernist Poetry and the Rise of Personal Religions,” examined the influence of what William James calls “personal religion” in relation to the mid-twentieth-century …

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Media Manifesto - Web Design and Development

Media Manifesto

Media Manifesto is a web design and development company. Originally founded in Alberta in 2001 by Graham Jensen, it was sold in 2011 to an investor in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. During those first ten years, Graham served over fifty clients in Canada and the United States.

Technical skills/typical work required:

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Basic PHP script customization
  • Custom web design and

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