Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Commons

The Canadian HSS Commons is in-development, national-scale, bilingual network for Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences researchers to share, access, re-purpose, and develop scholarly projects, publications, educational resources, data, and tools. It is being developed by the Implementing New Knowledge Environments Partnership with the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab, University of Victoria Systems, Compute Canada, CANARIE, the Canadian Research Knowledge Network, the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Humanities Commons, the University of Newcastle, and others.

My role on this project is co-lead of research, development, and strategy. In this role, I meet with our national and international research partners, and I have supervised the work of developers and graduate and undergraduate research assistants from Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Vietnam, and the United States. I have also published research on the HSS Commons and other digital knowledge commons or academic social networking sites, and I have given plenary talks, papers, workshops, and demos at events based in Canada, Australia, the United States, India, Korea, Italy, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Graham Jensen, Alyssa Arbuckle, and Ray Siemens, with Ivy Jia, Luis Meneses, Ansh Thayil, Archie To, and Karan Gosal, and CANARIE, Compute Canada, the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab, INKE Partnership, and University of Victoria Systems – Research Computing Services. Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Commons (version 0.91). 2024. HUBzero ( Victoria: Electronic Textual Cultures Lab / Canadian Social Knowledge Institute, INKE Partnership.